‘Pete and Repete’ by Raddy


Pete and Repete were best friends who went everywhere and did everything together. One day they went to the county fair and Pete said to the lady, Please give me ten dollars in tokens or tickets, and the lady said They are tokens not tickets but Repete had already said, Please give me ten dollars in tokens or tickets, lady, so the lady got mad and asked if they were deaf or something so Pete said, No ma’am, not wanting to miss this once in a summer opportunity to get on some rides and shoot balloons, and the lady said Okay then boys but by that time Repete had already said, No ma’am, so the lady got even madder as she held the stack of special tokens which is what they use at the fair so the carnies don’t handle actual money and said, Do you think I am deaf in that case, and Pete said No ma’am, never and Repete said No ma’am, never, so the lady said, Look do you want ten dollars or twenty dollars of tokens and Pete said, Ten dollars so the lady handed Pete the ten dollars of tokens but by that time Repete had also said, Ten dollars of tokens, so the lady told Pete and Repete to take a hike.

She said, Pete and Repete, get out of here, you lost your chance to shoot balloons on my watch. Get out of here now, or do I have to repeat myself?

Repete blushed completely red and said, If that is what it takes to get us into the county fair, you can knock yourself out.


Raddy is founder and editor of The Gorko Gazette.

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